Annual Showcase 2019

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Here you can get a copy of full length of Annual Showcase 2019 concert by SDGA for just $55.00. It is jam packed with amazing performances by very talented dancers. 

This video can be downloaded in Full High Definition video (FHD) format and can be play on your digital devices.

Enjoy this incredible show again and this will be one of the best moment to keep for years to come.



When and where was this concert?

This concert was held on the 24th Nov, 2019 at the Glenmore Theatre, Belrose.


When can I have access to the video? 

Once the payment is cleared, you will receive a unique private link with password via email.

How much time I have access and download the video? 

7 days from the day of the notification email was successfully sent.

How long is this video?

It is similar to the past year concert consists of 28 performances (approx) of sum total of 1:14 hours.

Can I share with others without breaching copyright?

By purchasing the service or product from this website, you are agreed to act and comply to the Copyright law of Australia. To understand more, please visit  

How much better in qualify between DVD vs FHD downloaded video?

As the increase of number of user online and the use of mobile device, digital video has become better and faster contain more detail and definition of sound which DVD quality just could not keep up. DVD qualify is becoming obsolete and the downloadable FHD video is become more popular and user friendly on most current and future devices. It also have the capability to allow you trim your favourite less than 1 min segment using your phone and share with others on social media without breaching the copyright.  

Can I still order a copy in DVD ?

Yes, please contact us directly to place an order (AUD$65.00 incl postage) and the processing time will take up to 5 business days after 30th Nov, 2019 or from the day you have completed the payment.

May I pay by cash?

Yes, if you are attending the concert, you are welcome to meet us on the day. If you would like to pay after the concert, you may contact us and make a special arrange for the exchange during the weekly SDGA classes at Roseville.