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Occupy Central Event experience - 30 Sep 2014


I had one of the most touching night of my life during the " Occupy Central" event first held by the students in Hong Kong. Without the understanding knowledge of what was going on and heard so many diversity of stories over the last few days, I had decided to see and feel it myself, with my camera as usual for documentary on this revolution event. When I was getting closer to the crowd, an amazing positive energy raised into my vein. The students were very calm, friendly and helpful in every way. Some were sweeping, picking up the rubblish, keeping the general space neat and tidy for participants and pedestrians across a very large area. Free rescue materials were asked and taken out for whoever needs them. Volunteers like angels with helping hands just about a feet anywhere around me. I had a sense of pride just to be there seeing and feeling the positive atmosphere and sponstaneously to give out helping hand, I help unwrapped some new raincoats off the carton right before the thunder hits and honestly I felt great to be part of it. Here are some of the shot I took to share with you of a positive view I received from the event and would like to hit back for some extra shot as were quite wet last night.


Sight of gathering
Positive signs remind participants to spread the care and peace while facing this activity matter.
Sight of gathering
The fence of human rights
Umbrellas are one of the symbol in the event and they has been used to protect the front line from the pepper sprays appear in action.
Some participants geared up to promote the safety first message to others and ready to help out at the same time.
There are a lot of positive signs of messages brought by the participants to spread the love.
Sight of gathering
Rescue material vehicles almost arrive every 10mins constantly deliver the backup goods to support this activity.
Mind that they are all volunteers and all materials are given out for free when/whoever needed.

Participants spontaneously clear and lead the way for the vehicles.
I was surrounded by angels all night.
Volunteers are everywhere and helpful hands are just about a feet away anywhere anytime.
There was no boundary between the foreigners. Their colours may have contrasts, but the heart within is the same. They tune in like brothers and sisters
Participants peacefully share the ground and show respect to each other. I was filled a sense of stress free moment for the entire walk.
Sight of gathering
Sight of gathering
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